Yama II Sushi
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32 Mercer St,
Lodi, NJ 07644
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Yama Special Rolls

Item Name Price

S01 Yama Roll

Yellow tail scallion yamagobo topped tuna & salmon tobiko

S02 Dragon Roll

Eel cucumber in topped with avocado masago w. eel sauce

S03 Rainbow Roll

Crab stick avocado and masago topped tuna salmon and white fish

S04 Volcano Roll

White tuna, crab, avocado inside, fried w. eel sauce, spicy sauce, honey washbi, chili sauce, masago

S05 Red Dragon Roll

Shrimp tempura inside, topped spicy tuna with crunchy masago and scallion w. spicy , shrimp sauce

S06 Phoenix Roll

Shrimp tempura avocado inside topped with crab w. shrimp sauce

S07 Rocky Roll

Shrimp tempura topped snow crab masago w. shrimp sauce

S08 Green Roll

Shrimp tempura topped avocado w. shrimp sauce $10.95

S09 Lodi Roll

Rice paper &spring mix spicy tuna, crabmeat, masago avocado cucumber with honey wasabi, spicy, eel &. shrimp sauce

S10 Mercer Roll

Crab stick tempura, cream cheese top spicy salmon w. shrimp sauce & spicy sauce

S11 NB Roll

Snow crab, avocado cream cheese and crunchy topped spicy salmon w. shrimp sauce & spicy sauce

S12 Gold Point Roll

Salmon tempura inside topped with snow crab masago and eel sauce

S13 Godzilla Roll

Salmon, white fish, shrimp, crab, fried top w. spicy sauce, eel sauce, tobiko scallion

S14 Live Tree Roll (5 Pcs)

Crunchy spicy tuna, tuna salmon avocado wrapped in cucumber w. honey wasabi sauce

S15 Crazy Roll

Tuna salmon white fish & cream cheese, wrapped deep fried come with spicy sauce eel sauce

S16 Happy Roll

Salmon crab stick yamagobo inside spicy tuna, crunchy, masago, scallion on the top w. spicy sauce & shrimp sauce

S17 Sun Flower Roll

Crunch spicy tuna topped with salmon, tuna, white fish with tobiko, spicy sauce, eel sauce, honey wasabi sauce

S18 Hawaiian Roll

Snow crab crunchy cream cheese topped with crab stick crunchy tobiko w. shrimp sauce

S19 Summer Roll

Snow crab spicy tuna avocado inside topped with tuna salmon tobiko w. spicy sauce $12.95

S20 4 Season Roll

Snow crab crunchy topped with tuna salmon & four kinds tobiko

S21 Tiger Roll

Spicy tuna, crunchy topped with tuna & masago w. spicy sauce

S22 Spicy Girl Roll

Spicy tuna avocado masago and scallion topped with snow crab w. sichimi sauce & spicy sauce

S23 Pink Lady Roll

White tuna, crab, crunchy, avocado, cream cheese wrapped in soy bean paper top with salmon w. spicy sauce

S24 Snow Crab Naruto

Snow crab, avocado, crab meat wrapped in cucumber w. shrimp sauce

S25 Fuji Roll

California roll top with baked spicy kani, crunch w. eel sauce & spicy mayo

S26 Black Dragon

Shrimp tempura cucumber inside,eel, avocado on top w. eel sauce & black tobiko

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